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Top Casino-Themed Movies

Ultimate Casino Movies You Must See

Hollywood has always been fascinated with the life of the casino. There have been several good casino movies that made it to the public. From ‘Rounders’ to ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, several best of the best casino movies have been made. Here is a complication of 10 of the top casino movies that you just have to watch:

  • Casino Royale

This movie is a remake of the 1967 film with the same name ‘Casino Royale’. The movie featured James Bond and is a favorite with casino lovers.

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Based on the popular novel of the same name, it presents the dark, exploitation side of Las Vegas. From drugs to gamblers, you can find them all in this casino movie.

  • The Hangover

The movie follows the hilarious journey of three friends who go to Vegas to celebrate a bachelor’s party and wake up the next morning with a missing bridegroom and a tiger in the room.

  • Casino

This casino movie depicts the two-faced quality of Las Vegas and the life of a casino gangster.

  • Ocean’s Eleven

This is a casino heist movie. With Danny Ocean and his team trying to steal a whopping $150 million from some of the best casinos in Las Vegas.

  • 21

Introduced to casino games by his unorthodox math professor, all start unraveling for a wannabe doctor as greed and power come into play.

  • 7 Rounders

Regarded as one of the best casino movies for poker lovers, it tells the story of a gambling law student and his friend.

  • The Gambler

The story centers around a gambling addict and illustrates how people can do a lot in the grip of addiction.

  • Rain Man

This movie is about family ties and crossing the boundaries of legal in gambling.

  • Croupier

The movie shows the other side, away from the glamorous life depicted in traditional casino movies as a croupier struggles to balance his personal life and his job at a casino.

Casinos From The Movies You Can Actually Visit

Some of these casino movies were produced at real-life casinos at Las Vegas or USA casinos. Movies like Casino Royale were at grand casinos that are worth every dollar you would spend there. You can play at any table casino games.

It is your pick between poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot games. You simply relax and enjoy winning real money at these top class casinos. They also render the best services. Some of these real-life casinos are:

  • The Mirage

This casino was featured in ‘Vegas Vacation’ in 1977. It has been open for years and is one of the best with a stunning hotel of 3000 rooms.

  • The Bellagio

Featured in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, this casino has an Italian theme. It is best known for its Fountains of Bellagio.

  • Caesar’s Palace

The Hangover’ was acted there in 2009. The casino has for over 51 years provided gamblers with the best of gambling experience and luxurious hotel rooms.

  • Planet Hollywood Casino

Site of the movie ‘21’ and popular with blackjack players, this casino has many gaming tables and slots machines for the ultimate gaming experience.