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Actors You Need To Know About: Christian Dalton

It is really hard to ignore Christian Dalton. Ever since, our paths crossed on Facebook, you end up getting swept up on his inspiring, soul-lifting journey to hone his acting ability. Christian Dalton has been dashing through the UK, going from place to place, picking up acting work wherever he could. His pet project at the moment is Karma, a feature he is writing and starring in, but his efforts do not stop there. He has quite an extensive and interesting list of films in pre-production at the moment that make him someone you probably should be following on Facebook as well.

Christian first got into acting during his late teens, when he picked up some modelling work that kept him going for a few years. “It was at a photoshoot that I met an old thespian who specialised in Shakespeare and professional pantomimes,â€? recalls Christian of the first time acting passed his way. “I became infatuated with his knowledge and enthusiastic way of life. He picked up on it pretty quickly, and auditioned me for his upcoming panto. And the rest as they say was history.â€? Stories like this really interest me as a blogger, because when we look at someone like Christian Dalton, who lives and breathes performing, it is shocking to think how it started with a lucky coincidence. A model who had no idea of his potential bumps into a key player out of chance. Christian doesn’t seem as impressed by this chance encounter. “Acting was something that was always there. Even on the odd occasion that I didn’t want it in my life anymore. It would find me. Finally, I accepted that this was my path.â€?

Even before that modelling career, the telltale scenes had been there, after all. In college, Dalton racked up quite a few roles to his name on stage. “I would often get the good roles being one of few males. Plus I was a ‘’pretty boy’’. Alfie in ‘Alfie’. Simba in ‘The Lion King’. And Mickey in ‘Blood Brothers’ were a few of them.â€? He pauses to think about his time and what it has meant to his current career. “I realised very, very quickly that I had an undying urge to find my artistic release. Acting was exactly what I needed. Especially theatre. Having already bagged a panto gig before my training, I was very lucky as it made me more daring when combined with my training. Playing with the big boys on stage gives you an edge. But training really moulds you.â€? Any advice for anyone who is thinking about following your path into acting? Or who is already acting and wants to know where to take their career in the next few months? “Get hungry. Develop a habit to keep learning, networking, and challenging yourself. Allow it to become second nature. If you can do that, you’re golden. The rest will fall into place.â€?

It is these kind of quotes and inspiring stories that usually take up most of his social media postings. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Christian is always making sure he has a presence. He believes it is something essential to anyone in the film industry to have, especially actors. “You have to be a people person. You’re an entertainer after all. Being able to connect and show who you really are is very important as an actor. The sooner you can open up, the sooner you free yourself. Especially when embracing a character.â€? And then there is the simple case of bumping into more work. Christian’s ability to make the most out of social media has put him in the ideal spot for attracting casting directors. He is a good mix of endlessly professional, always pushing himself and working on his performances, but also easily approachable. He isn’t a drama queen, shielding himself from the rest of the world using drama. In fact, he is often holding a hand out to rest of us, beckoning the audience to join in. He allows personal insights into his life. He is captivating. You may never meet him, but you can’t help but like the man anyway.

And using social media as a tool as got him very far in the world of acting. Christian Dalton is currently working on getting his VISA together to make the big move from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, and more importantly, Hollywood. “I originally went over on a networking trip with the assumption that I would be a small fish in very large pond. But in some ways that was not the case. The competitive and daring side came out at full force. And LA responded.â€? Christian has nothing but good things to say about his time over there, discovering just how far an actor who puts himself out there can get. “It is also the ultimate playground of opportunity. And if you have that need for challenges within this industry, LA is the ultimate rush. It will define you in so many ways.â€? Christian might not have his VISA just yet, but he has not wasted a single minute of time. He already has some exciting projects lined up for when he returns to the land that has inspired him so much. “To my blessings, I had interest from a few managers. After careful consideration, I picked the one that worked for me. He and I have some ideas, as he is also a producer.â€? Then a grin appears on Christian’s face. “But my first job has already been booked. I will be playing arsonist, James Ellington. The lead villain in episode 6 of a new exciting Netflix drama.â€? An original Netflix drama?! That is big news for any actor. Christian laughs. “I won’t lie. I threw up when I found out that I got the part.â€?

That is America, well and truly soaring but what about the few months he has left in the UK. Is he going to sit down and wait out the storm until he is where he needs to be? If you believe that answer, you haven’t being paying much attention to the rest of this interview. “I always like to keep active. From networking to mastering my craft. I will be playing another horrible character in an upcoming web series. A very irrational character for a short film. And hopefully I’ll get some time to focus on a feature that I am one of the writers for.â€? The web series, in general, is Call Me Church, a web series that is just leaving the pre-production phase and booking in its first few days of filming. Detail are scarce on what the project is about at the moment, or who Christian Dalton will be playing. However, it is clear that it is a meaty villain role that Christian can’t wait to get his teeth into. It will work as a great send-off to the man, before he heads over to the United States of America. The Land of Opportunity.