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Actors You Need To Know About: Angelique Joan

It can be exciting getting sneak peeks into pre-productions of various movies around the country. Not only do you get a taste of some awesome films that you cannot wait for the rest of the public to consume, sometimes you see patterns emerging. Actors that are cropping up in so many projects that, while the majority of their filmography is tied up in post-production, in a year or two’s time, you can guarantee that they will be everywhere. A peek into the future if you will. The perfect example of that would be Angelique Joan. British on her father’s side, French on her mother’s, Angelique is well-travelled, professional and, above all else, talented. It doesn’t take a prophet to predict big things waiting for her in the field of acting.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine someone like Angelique doing anything else. From her high school days, it has always been what she wanted to do. Her training started early, self-tutoring herself into the actress she wanted to be. She started up her own drama club in her school in France, where she and the other students tackled various sketches, plays and monologues, both in English and French. “I learned a lot through improvisation and stage,” reflects Angelique on her time there. “It has been a passion of mine since I was a child. It’s the only thing I saw myself doing.

She returned to England, with her feet on the ground and running. She instantly signed up for a summer course with the Met Film School, Ealing Studios. It was there she “fell in love with the camera”. Once that passion struck, there was nothing else she could do. She attacked the acting career with enthusiasm and passion, signing herself up to as many short films and commercials as she could get her hands on. “Work isn’t always there,” Angelique advises any budding actors going through this stage of their careers. “You have to keep putting yourself out there, showing your work, asking for a chance to be seen. It’s all about going to social events, creating a network.” It clearly paid off and within six months of moving to London, she already had an agent and was well on her way to building an impressive résumé. “It is very important to understand you can’t build a career alone,” Angelique follows up with. “Other people give you a chance, you have to make them see you.” When asked how she manages to stay so proactive and determined, Angelique responds humorously with “I don’t do well with free time.

At the moment, Angelique has a few features working their way to the public. Next on our radar is Rough Cut, a pulse-pounding thriller about a fraud diamond investigation that sees Angelique’s “sweet, upper-class and intelligent” Eloise caught in the middle. The reason I am getting so excited about this project is that it recently had a screening at Cannes, another big hint that the world needs to keep its eye on this young actress. “It was one of those dreams that I didn’t even think could happen,” Angelique recalls. “That red carpet is daunting but incredible. It’s so glamorous and beautiful; it definitely lived up to any expectation I had. I felt very grateful to be surrounded by such talented people. It was a very surreal week to say the least.” And the movie, in question? “It involves a lot of twists and turns,” teases Angelique. “Oh and maybe a French love interest…

However, believe it or not, it doesn’t stop with Cannes. Angelique is already almost wrapped on yet another feature film, A Fool’s Game, as well as co-writing a feature entitled Obsession The Tournament with director Laurence Williams. “A Fool’s game is an action packed film!” promises Angelique. In it, she plays Kacy, a ruthless, mysterious figure in the centre of the film that has her finger wrapped around more than one of the characters. When asked about the character of Kacy, Angelique chooses her words carefully. “I don’t want to reveal too much! What I can say is that playing that dark, cut throat character was very fun for me! I loved playing a darker but very strong female lead in a man’s world, very thrilling! I’m looking forward to seeing it.” And Obsession the Tournament? Angelique keeps her lips sealed about that certain project, keeping her fans and audiences in suspense for a little while longer.

However, secret projects aside, that is already two very unique characters in the mix for Angelique to express her range with. Angelique contemplates how she approached the two different psychologies behind her two lead roles. “Eloise is a very sweet, upper-class, intelligent girl who has got her head on her shoulders and knows what she wants. Kacy is very spontaneous, defensive and independent. She clearly didn’t have a nice upbringing and had to deal with everything on her own. She doesn’t trust anyone and will get her way by doing whatever she can.” So to summarise? “Not as nice as Eloise, lets put it that way!

Rough Cut’s Red Carpet Premiere is on October 13th in Leicester Square with a cinematic release on the 16th.