Finally it is here! I was going to do this with my new laptop, but then I thought to myself. This laptop deserves a good send-off. This old, broken laptop was the item that stood by me through University, helped me start off my blog, accidentally played Blurred Lines over my very first Drunk Quiz and made history. Without this laptop, I may never have met you guys. And this laptop deserves a good send-off.

So here it is. The first of a four part series (check back here every Saturday), where Liam Abbott answers some of the stupidest questions Yahoo has to offer. A special thank you needs to go to not only Liam, my laptop (and Ruby, who sat on my laptop with the sole intention of deleting the footage), but a certain Sporadic Zoe. She found these questions and got my inspiration running. So Zoe, this video is dedicated to you. Sorry for tarnishing your good name.


6 thoughts on “Liam Answers The Tough Questions (Part 1 of 4)

  1. YAY! I loved this! Great work Liam and thank you for making this happen Luke! I think that this is a great send off for your laptop, and we will always be grateful for its existence. It has provided us with much fun 🙂

    Now… as for that autograph Liam… first borns, did you say?

  2. I think I would actually be willing to watch midget James Bond. Also can we see some examples of Liam’s penis art?

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