Guys. I have really bad news. I have been trying to get the fourth Drunk Quiz online for a while now and it is just not happening. I have tried formatting the video in every possible. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the movie-making program. I have tried turning my computer on and off again. I have called in a group of professionals to come in and fix my computer. However, because of the Christmas period, this will have to be sometime next ye…

LOL JK… here is the fourth Drunk Quiz.


16 thoughts on “Drunk Quiz 4 – 2015 Release

  1. awesome Luke!

    flattered that you think I was in Aliens 🙂

    didn’t know we could send multiple questions, guess I’ll send you a whole slew next time.

    You’ve basically proven tho that unless it’s a Hannibal, GoT or Bond question, you’re pretty much bound to take a drink 🙂

    You’re the man LUKE!!!!

  2. FINALLY!!!!!!! Gosh, your connection really ruined my entertainment plans on Friday!

    No accents?! ;( LUUUUUUKE!

    Babadook looking coat and hat hanging around there :/

    Well, I can definitely say that it was worth the wait!

  3. Okay – watched this the other night but wasn’t able to log in & comment. Hilarious! Loved it!!! And I especially loved how, as you pointed out, you were wearing an Alien shirt but got my Aliens questions wrong. Tsk tsk. 😉 lol

  4. Hey… I want an apology for the terrible accent too. I am also South African, you know! 😛 And screw you for getting Blurred Lines stuck in my head! Hahahahahaha! In exchange I am sorry that my question was so confusing… I am a bad quizzer… I did it in a mad rush!
    I should have said:

    “The events of the film Empire Records all take place on one day. Why is this day momentous for the staff who work there?”

    • Your wording was actually correct, me and my brother were just too drunk to read at this point in the quiz.

      And I never realised you were South African. It is my favourite accent, so I get speech envy around you and Zoe.

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