Director: Anthony C. Ferrante
Cast: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Kari Wuhrer, Mark McGrath, Judd Hirsch
Plot: On a trip to New York, Finn (Ziering) and Alice (Reid) end up encountering an even bigger storm than last time.

Sharknado 2 is the kind of film that is able to survive the usual pitfalls of a sequel. Sequels usually mean a repetition of the original movie, diminishing some of the unique charm the first movie’s concept contained. However, when we are dealing with a movie as silly and nonsensical as Sharknado, there isn’t really anywhere but up to go. Sharknado embraces the fact that the sequel should be bigger and more explosive, because that is everything we expect from the premise.

How do you even go about criticising a movie like Sharknado? Whenever I begin to discuss the flaws, I am hit with the inevitable counter-argument of ‘what did you expect?’ I could talk about how Tara Reid cannot act, how half of the cast are so lumbered with the role of red shirt that they don’t have a personality or even a name, or how some of the dialogue is so cringe-worthy that you have to pause the movie to let the awful line sink in (although some of the puns appeal to the terrible comedian within me – “jumping the shark?” Comedy gold). Yes, I could talk about all of that stuff, but the moment I decided to review this movie, I had already prepared myself to expect that. This is definitely a movie that is better watched partially drunk, as some of the silly laughs and set-pieces sink in a lot better when you are in the right frame of mind. Some of the flaws that I wasn’t expecting was the stretched cast. Before it was one group of survivors, while here we are jumping all over New York. When every group is essentially running from sharks, it all rolls into the same scene on a loop, making it hard to appreciate the bloated cast list. You would rather Sharknado adopt some form of patience and develop some of the existing characters a little more. It also would help if a movie about storms knew at least a little something about how storms work. Or how sharks work for that matter…


But let’s just skip right past the predictable bad parts of the movie and discuss the good. Well, as far as sequels go, the writers have delivered exactly what the fans of this movie want. Stupidity and fun on a plate. Right from an opening sequence ripped right out of ‘Snakes on a Plane’, we are right back on Sharknado territory. The sequel has got its hands on a bigger budget and rather than improving the CGI (yes, it is terrible, but that is part of the joke), it gets its hands on some cameo stars. Some will go right over your heads and a closing credits scene will help you clear up on some of the missed jokes, but keep your eyes peeled for WWE star, Kurt Angle, and Kelly Osborne. Some talk show hosts and anchor-men show up as themselves to give Sharknado 2 a wider feel. The action lies in the ‘so bad – it’s good’ category. Sometimes, it over-steps the mark, especially for the last twenty minutes, when it throws all rules out of the window. Again, alcohol helps stomach the sheer silliness of some of the plot developments. However, the build-up is close enough to the right balance, Ian Ziering extending his reluctant hero role to a B-Movie John McClane. That is not a bad thing in my books.

Final Verdict: Sharknado 2 is the movie equivalent of a continuous face-palm, but at least most of the idiotic elements are a purposeful move by the writers rather than ignorance.

Two Stars


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