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The Old Album Hunt ? Part One: Now That Is What I Call Music 52

I was hunting down some DVDs for films to review and instead, I stumbled across a booklet of old albums I used to have. I thought it would be entertaining to pop them into my laptop and go over them. Sometimes working your way through your old music taste is a very embarrassing experience. However, I am all for nostalgia, so below I found some of the songs I used to listen to all the time.


No matter how weird and crazy George Michael is, every now and again he will bring out a song that just blows you away. This is probably my favourite thing he has ever done. The moment the song kicks in, you are awake and listening. The backing track feels like the bass from a powerful set of speakers being pushed to the maximum, giving the impression that you have static coursing through your body. It is the kind of tune that can be slipped into the background and before you realise you are listening to it, you are swaying to the beat. George Michaels has quite a powerful voice too, so he can really make the song work. There is something about this song that doesn’t just ask you to get to the dance floor: it demands it!


Sophie Ellis Bextor always used to remind me of Kylie Minogue. Her songs are kind of poppy, but they have a great clubbing background that brings a spark to her pop princess vocals. Songs like ‘Get Over You’ seem like a more modern version of Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’. But listening to her sing these days and I will hold my hands up and say that Bextor is better than Minogue in my books. There is something so instantly great about her songs. Get Over You only vaguely clicks in my memory, yet even now it is relighting a fire. The lyrics are fun and catchy. The song is impossible not to sway to. Like all of Bextor’s songs, if you are willing to give her a chance, you will leave this song a dedicated fan.


This CD was definitely from one of my favourite eras in music. This song represents the age of club music that really got me into the genre. No matter how much I adore Avicci and David Guetta, I will always turn to this style of club music when I really want to take the night to the maximum euphoria levels. There are better examples of this genre, like Sandstorm by Darude and Fragma’s Tocas Miracle. Even the number one spot on this list probably better conveys the essence of this time in music. 4 String’s is held back by a lack of kick to the song. The vocals are good and the music is easy to get along with, but it doesn’t try to be anything more than a faithful addition to the club genre. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does make this the weakest song on the list.


Now this one I remember, although I didn’t quite remember how fun this tune is. It is the kind of garage that instantly gets you moving (or shaking your body, I suppose). The vocals are entertaining, the beat is exciting and there is something that celebrates the summer about this song. Even if you don’t recognise this song, you cannot help but move to it. It grabs you right from the off and can really make a room make their way to the dance floor. I can see this tune working well at house parties. The moment it comes on your night has just become one that needs to involve dancing.


There is something very incredible about this song. I had no idea what this one was, so I was a little nervous when I clicked on it. However, all fears that I was about to stumble across an embarrassing guilty pleasure was quickly dissuaded when that bassline started. It is a deep, echoing one that just gives the impression of greatness. You know you are about to experience something epic when this song begins to kick in. The rest of the song does not disappoint. Dee Dee’s vocals are hauntingly good that you will up be to speed on in moments and singing along at the top of your voice. This one is so good it is being bookmarked for one of the next DJ events. This song needs to make a comeback.