I woke up the other day and decided ‘y’know what – I am going to do an Impressions video’.

I want to make videos a more prominent part of my blog. I am already on a bit of streak here, with the Dear Oracle series kicking off and the Drunk Quizzes growing more successful by the day. It does mean that sometimes the consistency of my articles gets cut short (my music articles are taking a bit of beating recently), but I think there has been such a positive response to videos like these that it makes it all worth it at the end of the day.

So what have I got coming up? Well, yesterday marked the beginning of the ‘TV round-up’ of the year, which I am very excited about. Best TV Actor and TV Actress will be coming to you very shortly. Gaming wise, I am trying to get my way through Watch Dogs for a coherent review and I am sure that I shall get my hands on Wolfenstein very soon. There is also more Walking Dead Games out there that I will get around to reviewing. I have already got the next part of Corpse Party scheduled too. Film-wise, there are some great movies out for August (Sin City, Guardians, Inbetweeners), so I will be going to the cinema at every available opportunity. I also want to get around to some of the DVD releases.

And on another note, that third job I mentioned awhile back. That has kicked off in the earnest and I am hoping to send some snapshots of what I am up to, sometime soon. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed.


8 thoughts on “The Oracle of Film Does Impressions

  1. LOL! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! This is exactly what I needed right now. I LOVED the emo bit, and some very good impressions all round. Liam, what on earth happened to all your hair?!

    I waited in anticipation in my front row seat and was rightly rewarded! 😀

    PS: Keep at it with the videos!

    • Liam shaved it off to get into character for the impressions. He did have Bane, after all.

      And I have a few ideas for the next couple; I just need to find time to make them. 😛

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