The last one of these articles went down really well, so there was no way I wasn’t going to do one again. I am having fun digging out all of these hidden gems and classic cameos from the music archives. It is interesting seeing major A-Listers in these music videos and is always a pleasant treat. The bigger the star, the better the effect. And this article, we have definitely got some big stars.


Here we have Tom Petty singing a song that is essentially telling the story of a wannabe rock star, who destroyed his life by being too embroiled in the world of fame. When you are singing a song with a powerful message, it makes sense to hire a good actor to convey that message, rather than having it go over the audience’s heads with some ‘plucked-out-of-nowhere’ model. Enter the legend that is Johnny Depp. We can see from the video that he is at the age, where he was becoming noticed as a rising star, but before his true Hollywood calling came along with the weirder roles (we know the ones I am on about). Here, he gives a terrific portrayal of the kind of rebel Petty wants to sing about. He is a young lad, who hit fame at an early age and it destroyed him.

It hints that luck is involved rather than talent. For a lot of the video, Depp has a fairy godmother following him, played by Faye Dunaway. She grants him fame, but he gets so caught up in rock and roll that he forgets where his talent came from. He casts her away, but as soon as that happens, his luck predictably runs out. His career comes crashing down around his ears. The moral is clear. If you manage to become famous, never forget the people who helped you achieve it and never look down on people. It is a strong message and Depp’s portrayal helps it along. Also, for bonus points, try and spot a cameo from Friend’s Matt Le Blanc. It’s easy to miss, so eyes peeled.


This music video is what I imagine an evening with the IPC would entail.

I have no idea exactly what I just watched, but I know that I will need a lot of alcohol to wipe it from my memory. It is one of the most random, trippy music videos I have ever witnessed. As soon as the kitchen appliances come to life and start humping each other, you know you are in a Beck video about sex laws. My favourite thing about Jack Black’s cameo is that for most of the song, he isn’t even really addressed. He is just another random thing, jumping around the set. We have an American football team running into walls, rubber robots getting it on with each other and then there’s Jack Black. It is just a list of ingredients that equal crazy and this is what that looks like.

Only when the song is over does Jack Black takes centre-stage. With a traffic cone on his head and the crazy glint of his eyes that usually means he is about to break into a Tenacious D song, he addresses a room full of people in random costumes and starts sprouting gibberish about his opinion of sex laws. It makes no sense, but by this point in the song, it doesn’t need to. The damage has already been done.


It doesn’t get any less weird with this one. Lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland, is trapped in a colourless landscape where it appears that the Tele-Tubbies have more to them than meets the eye. As Weiland drifts and dances, like a man who has had a little too much to smoke, the Tele-Tubbie minions begin transforming into demonic beings. The only person that can stand between them and Weiland is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gothic, hair as black as the night and sexier than Willow realising she’s into girls, Sarah Michelle Gellar strolls into proceedings, acting as a guardian angel and despite having monstrous children’s characters after him, every bloke watching wishes he was there with Gellar.

If we strip away the music video to its bare roots, I am assuming Weiland is singing about a girl that makes him feel safe and protected by, in a world of darkness. He sings “what would you do if I followed you?’ wondering if the girl he imagines her as, would protect him from the crazy world that I assume comes with being a Stone Temple Pilot (I have never tried piloting a stone temple, but it doesn’t sound like the easiest career). As the music video closes, the roles seem to reverse, suggesting that they could look out for each other. Colour also comes back into his life, when she is around. They seem like a really cute couple, the kind that makes each other breakfast in bed. Tubby toast, perhaps?


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