I love club music. Sure, it might not be as deep as some witty rock ballads or as heart-felt as a good, emotional rap, but there is something about the awe of EDM that I really lose myself in. When you hear a terrific tune through some high-powered speakers, accompanied by some fast-paced strobe lighting and a dance floor that just comes alive, as soon as that beat drops, you have just thrown together one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday night. Yes, dubstep, house, electronic dance music, I love it all.

I thought today I would collate my three favourite mixes to listen to at the moment. Grab some headphones, whack your volume up as high as it will go and just listen. Sure, it’s not as powerful as through some club speakers (a lot of EDM, like the new DJ Fresh tune, Dibby Dibby sound, doesn’t really do itself justice, until played on a dance floor), but you can get the idea of how powerful these tracks are. And even if you aren’t really a club fan like me, please check out the final song on the list, because it is a little different and shows the variety of club music well.


My mate, who is also a DJ for hire, threw a load of mixes for me to check out this week. This was the best of the bunch. Ironically, it was the least clubby, but I think that helps it work as a song in its own right. It just takes Avicci’s Hey Brother and adds another layer to it. Sometimes, when a song has been out for a while, it just needs a bit of a spark to last that little bit longer. Syn Cole just adds some EDM on top of the vocals and then waits for the beat to truly cut in and do his thing. ‘Hey Brother’ has always been a shaky song in my books. I love it, but compared to most of the other Avicci songs, this one feels a little weaker. Syn Cole has definitely made me turn around and consider it again, as one of the top contenders of songs to play in a club.


There is something so satisfying about this song. The charm here is in the build-up. Tiesto stands back and lets the girls do their thing with the singing. What he adds is this backing track that really adds to the epic feeling of the song. The lyrics feel much more important, put on a pedestal and celebrated. And there is something else, a beat in the background that feels like it is building up to something. It feels like a car revving up, suggesting something deeper just around the corner. As you are listening to the song, you are expecting Tiesto to pull something out of his hat at any given moment. The build-up and tension in the song is so attention-grabbing, pulling you in and making you listen until the very end.

The drop isn’t over the top either. It feels a little more old school, like the kind of massive hits we used to get from ATB. It is a slower EDM that feels like wave after wave of electronic music. Tiesto even makes the original club beat come in and speed things up, which feels very respectful of the source material, something other DJs forget. What Tiesto does is work around Icona Pop and it gives their moments a bigger push, making you fall in love with the song all over again.


There is something so brilliant about this piece of music. This is one of the most eloquent, intelligent mixes I have heard in quite a while. It takes a song you would think impossible to mix with and gives us what is, in my opinion, a truly beautiful three and a half minutes of music.

‘Everytime’ is one of the best Britney tracks out there. She stripped away her pop girl image and just sang a ballad, putting to rest all of the claims that she is all style, and no substance. The girl could sing. It is a really amazing piece of music with some great lyrics. However, it is not something you would listen to in a club. I don’t know where Hi-Bias got the inspiration to take this song, but I am so glad they did, because they side-step every common flaw club mixes often have and have a terrific finished product. Like Tiesto with Icona Pop, it respects the original song and just accentuates everything about it. It just gives the song that spark of life and makes it ideal for repeat viewings. This is probably the most played song on my iTunes playlist right now. And I am proud of it.


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