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Ten Possible Winners From the Voice UK Season 3

As my brother Luke was in a car accident (Editor’s Note: wait… what? I’m f…fine… aren’t I?) and will unfortunately recover soon, he left me to write this week’s music article. Despite being a hipster who hates everything on this website because people have heard of it, I have a soft spot for the Voice UK. We know this show as being a talent show avoiding discrimination as the coaches press the “I WANT YOU” button without knowing their pick’s physical appearance. The show has been extremely successful in the past and with Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue from the Script leaving, the show has been completely transformed with Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson and Pop legend Kylie Minogue making their appearances. Now that the auditions are over, I will tell you why the following 10 are the most likely to be the future of the music industry (despite the previous 2 winners doing absolutely nothing ever since the show!) This is extremely difficult as every voice entering the show is good although some are cut out for the industry more than the rest.


Yet again Team Will got the last pick this season and like the rest of the panel, he has a varied pick from a harp player, a young jazz enthusiast and a returning failed voice from season 2. He has never won a series and could well be hungry for this one, I think he needs to win more than the other coaches and he came so close with Leah last year. Adopting new fashion, he is even more “FRESH” and “DOPE” from before.


This 16 year old girl from Edinburgh is very unique. Her bizarre tastes for the likes of Lucy Rose and Bombay Bicycle Club is what makes her stand out from the rest. Coming on to stage with the belief that her voice was nothing special but her Celtic harp could see her through, she was somewhat wrong. Not only did she get Ricky turning within the first 20 seconds but Will.I.Am secured her with a last second turn. Her incredible harp skills twisted last years Daft Punk return hit “Get Lucky” into a mesmerising audition absolutely gob-smacked the coaches as well as the audience. I think she can do extremely well because she is under the wing of Will who is the most creative coach. He could strip her from her denim and launch her with a completely new, unseen style. Personally, with the Voice being released weekly, I have always believed that a lot of the auditions tend to be forgotten and overshadowed by the stronger voices. However showing up early in week one, I still haven’t forgotten the Scottish Siren-like voice. Anna is one to look out for.


This Welsh Popstar instantly hit the panel’s hearts with his different, high-octave voice. Yes, he looks like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad (and coincidently his job section on his profile is filled in as blank, so this could answer some questions), but his voice managed to get Kylie, Will.I.Am and Ricky spinning around. He covered an Usher song, which showed he was a risk taker, something the judges pointed out. I think he will do excellently in the show because his high pitch tone will allow him to completely over-shadow any of his opponent on the battle stage. And I although its painful, I must say it: he is pretty. Now we are getting to the point where the public get involved and his looks have already caught the attention of the young female viewers. I heard a girl the other day say her top three hot males was Harry Styles, Brad Pitt and Callum Crowly from the Voice. That statement alone proves why he is in my top 10.


Looking at this picture you must be thinking “I didn’t know Gok Wan had a voice.” and you’re not wrong. However, his brother Tom Barnwell most certainly does. Plucking in the courage of going on stage from his job as an ambulance controller he wowed the audience with his Estelle cover “American Boy”. He instantly had Will in mind after he spoke about his involvement with the song. Tom will do well in my opinion because he is likeable and he has support from his friends and family back in… (does further research) Leamington. (Breaks after spelling it). This pick may surprise some people as he seems like an Average Joe, however Will has the amazing ability to turn an ice block into a sculpture with his creativity and I reckon Tom will progress into an unknown quantity which may very well take this season by storm. MEGA DOPE.


This season Tom has the most disappointing team in my opinion. He was very predictable with the common quotes such as “When I heard your voice, I just had to press my button.” which Ricky made fun out of. He kept picking the female voices until he hit 9 and suddenly realised he needed Males. This made him exclude oncoming female talent and he had to quickly grasp male vocals. However, his two strongest voices come from the males in my opinion although he possesses the series’ only country singer.


This Scouser (Editor’s Note: To non-English readers, that is someone from Liverpool) came to the stage, rattling with nerves.The judges had 11 singers each meaning they were at a tense moment and wanted a final killer. Two judges, Tom and Ricky, believed Kenny was the man for this. He ended up taking Tom’s last place with his rendition of Alicia Keys’ “New York State of Mind”. His voice continued to reach levels that not even the legend Tom knew existed; his range was noteworthy and under the experience of Tom, I reckon he could go a long way. I think his voice is very strong, contrasting with his image, which may affect him in the public vote stages. Saying that, if he continues to impress Tom with his outstanding tone, I believe he will finish high without a shadow of a doubt.


Beating his older brother in the auditions, Bizzi was renown for twisting Rock hit “Use Somebody” into a soulful tune. At 43, the man from Leicestershire has already been in the music scene and wants to get back into it. If he carries on at this level of talent, he could very well do so. His audition seemed like another miss at first, but when he got going, he gob-smacked everyone, breaking levels and getting two judges to turn. I think he will succeed this season, because his coach is well-suited to him and if his voice grows, his vocals will be record label worthy. I also thinking he will be one to watch if he injects more energy into his performances.


I think Team Kylie is the 3rd strongest team this season. She had the complete opposite story to Tom, having too many male performers. She was in dire needs of female vocals and even had to dismiss excellent male talent which was possibly better than the ones she had. However, the balance is better, although my concern is variety.


Having a previous hit with the Streets and Kano, this guy has the experience, the energy and the talent. Will he be compatible with the show though? Is his time over? Kylie is a new coach so it is completely unknown what will happen, however I believe Leo’s power makes him stronger than the rest of Team Kylie. This will allow her to lift him continuously through the stages, perhaps even giving him the fast pass to success. I even think that the other coaches will steal him, if Kylie doesn’t choose her.


Singing one of my all time favorite songs with Gabriella Cilmi’s “Sweet about me”, I instantly liked her. The Ipswich waitress has the looks and certainly has the voice. I think she will do amazingly with Kylie because they can relate and even befriended on stage. Their connection is strong and I reckon it will reinforce her place in team Kylie. Her strong, thrilling voice will allow her to win over the public, launching her into my top 10. If the song choices hit and she grows fast, she could probably go on to win the season.


I seriously reckon 8 of the contestants on team Ricky could win it this year, he certainly has the best team in my opinion with a variety of talents from soulful twins, young acoustic all-stars, divas and a guy who looks like Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad (Wait a minute, I’m picking up on a Breaking Bad trend here… something is not right, this season.) Either way, I am routing for team Ricky this year and I’m going to be confident in saying he will win.


Controversially, this singer wasn’t even going to pick Ricky as a coach, but it seemed that he was the only one to want her. It makes Team Ricky varied and above all, her voice is outstanding. The judges were uncertain, but her unique Nottingham accent breaks through her angelic voice, making her quite the odd contestant, which makes me want to see more from her. If Ricky pairs her wisely in the battles with a good opponent and song choice, I reckon she can be a real dark horse this season, especially if her voice grows from great to excellent. Only aged 18, we could very well be listening to the next youth star.


On came Beth, with her unique look, stunning the audience as she played “Sexy and I Know It” with an acoustic twist, which was highly admired by the judges. Despite only being 16, she is filled with confidence and she will probably be louder than Ricky, in the rehearsals. Behind her cute smile, is a gifted voice. I will admit it’s not the season’s strongest, but with Ricky’s new, unknown coaching ability, she could evolve into a lethal weapon. She is well-suited with Ricky and the Yorkshire pair are ones to look out for.


Having misfortune with a band he tried to assemble, Jamie has turned up to the Voice solo. Being Ricky’s last pick you know he is talented and being the only rock act on the show, he has every trick up his sleeve to rock the show. Not only did he risk, twisting a song but his voice nailed the performance with exceptional range and his voice actually hypnotizes, as well as making you enjoy it. I can’t wait to see him come back in the battles as do many of the rock fans like myself who view this show (probably around 8 people).