Happy Valentine’s Day, my treasured bloggers.

God, I treat you so much, I expect you to go that extra mile in the bedroom tonight. Not only have I given you two reviews today, in the form of the ‘EVERYTHING IS AWESOME’ LEGO Movie and the phenomenal Her, but now I have Bless You lined up, a short film I helped make in University last year. It was directed by Danielius Laima and has been touring around some film festivals all of last summer. Apparently, it came third in a few, so congratulations to everyone who helped make this film: Danielius Laima, Laura Rickute, Emma Yousman, Katherine Lee and, I guess, myself.

So to tie up St Valentine’s Day, here is this film. It is about an insanely handsome man, called Geromino (the insanely handsome was a character feature I came up with when developing the role – Stanislavski and all that!), who comes up with a potion that stops you from closing your eyes when you sneeze. However, soon things spiral out of control. Inspired by comedies like National Lampoon, this is a random, hilarious eight minute movie of madness. Enjoy and look out for these things:

– A steamy shower scene
– A LA Noire reference
– Me getting hit in the head
– The Wilheim Scream

Lots of Love,
Luke ‘What Rhymes with Hug Me?’ Abbott


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