I wrote an article about a couple of terrible lyrics I found in songs a while back and it was so fun to write I had to go and do it all over again. Therefore, strap yourself in and get ready for some of the funniest lyrics known to man. I mean… how did these get past the editing and into the actual song?


The Lyric in Question: I couldn’t get any bigger/ with anyone else beside of me.

This lyric has always amused me to no end. Whenever me and my friends are singing this song (I hang out with the Backstreet Boys on my free days), we always struggle not to crack up when the song hits this lyric. I kind of feel sorry for Timberlake, because he is trying to be poetic and talk about how being with this girl makes him a stronger and ‘bigger’ person, but because the public is so immature, we will never be able to take this line seriously.


The Lyric in Question: I wanna have your baby/ Gotta have you like crazy. And iron your shirts.


Feminism has come a long way, so it seems fitting that an ex-Spice Girl should come along and knock it all the way back to square one. It takes a lot to be more sexist than your male counterparts in the music industry, but Halliwell perfects sexism with a few lines. She manages to squeeze the both ‘crazy girlfriend who wants to get a baby in you as quick a possible’ joke and also subjects herself to being that housewife who ‘irons your shirts’. All in a single lyric. There should be a medal for that kind of political incorrectness.


The Lyric in Question: I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me!

I am unsure if this is a threat or not. Is he trying to romantically draw Halle Berry into his arms? Either way, I am pretty sure the security in the Berry household just doubled overnight.


The Lyric in Question: She’s my Sleeping Beauty, I want to put in her in a coma.

No! Just no!


The Lyric in Question: I like the light in my hands and the beat in my face.

Don’t talk about the beat in my face, Selena. That was always going to be taken the wrong way. It is made worse, because she repeats the lyric over and over. If you didn’t crack up about her talking about something being beaten into her face the first time, the second or third time will reduce you to a sniggering mess. You can almost hear Justin Bieber sobbing his way into retirement in the backing track.


The Lyric in Question: Going 300/ Like the Romans

This is less amusing and more face palm moment. Kanye is obviously trying to be clever here, by quoting that movie about the topless Spartans he liked and also making it out that he is into his history and not just some dumb rapper. However, he mistakes the Spartans as Roman warriors, rather than Greeks. He just unwittingly confirmed he is a dumb rapper. That or he let Kim Kardashian write his lyrics for him.


The Lyric in Question: I’ve been working on my shit!

TMI! Too much information! Just no!


The Lyric in Question: All of them

OK. Question. What is the song Skyfall about? Easy, you answer. It’s the theme tune for the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall. No, but what is it about? James Bond, you nervously reply. No, what is it actually about? The song. That’s when you think and wonder what Skyfall actually means. Because when you break the song down, the lyrics don’t really represent much.


It’s not Adele’s fault, the poor girl. She was asked to write the song, but because it was a hush-hush project, she was not allowed to know much about the actual movie. She was pretty much just given the title ‘Skyfall’ and told to make a song about ‘Skyfall’. What the fuck is a Skyfall? Was she meant to write a song about sky-diving? Therefore, she just strung some words that sounded cool together and called it a song. “This is the end/ close your eyes and count to ten.” “We stand tall/and face it all/ together.” None of it means anything. It kind of accidentally becomes something about an apocalypse, I guess, but I am pretty sure that’s not what Adele was going for. I am not hating on the song, because it really is a terrific piece of music. But it’s just funny that a year has passed and we haven’t questioned how bizarre the actual track is.


3 thoughts on “8 More Terrible Song Lyrics

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Skyfall is a really poorly written and essentially meaningless song. My least favourite line is, “Put your hand in my hand and we’ll staaaaaand”. Also, that Kanye lyric has always bothered me! Get it right Yeezy!

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