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Predictions for the Top 5 Movies of 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art Final

Last year, I thought it would be fun to write up a prediction of the top five movies of the year. I did it in 2012 too, before I had a blog and it was a fairly fun experience to see how close I was to the final tally. My one regret is that I did not share my predictions with you at the start of the year, although that was before I realised how long this little blog of mine will last. Seeing as I fully intend on being here for another year (2015 is going to be a terrific year for film blogging, after all), I thought that I would share my predictions with you now. Do you agree? Have I missed anything? Post in the comments below.


OK, I am going to admit this is a pretty big longshot. Christopher Nolan has only given us an annoyingly vague teaser trailer so far, which sees Matthew McConaughey monologuing about humanity and science, while Nolan shows off some beautiful set-pieces. We know it is going to be something along the lines of a Sci-Fi epic, with the word ‘wormhole’ being bandied around, suggesting some form of deep space travel. While this teaser looks good, is it really a good idea to have this film on my top five list with so little information?


Well, honestly, yes. I have every faith in Christopher Nolan to make Interstellar a strong contender for film of the year. As anyone who has read any opinion of mine concerning the Dark Knight trilogy will know, I love everything about Nolan. His direction is spot-on and he always adds this sense of depth to any film he touches. He becomes the movie event of the year. However, again, because of the lack of information I have on this movie, I shall cautiously place it fifth for now.


I am not going to lie, this is also a risky place. Personally, I want this film to be great, rather than expecting it to be good. I am sure, as a Marvel production, it will be an enjoyable blockbuster event. Marvel don’t seem to mess up too often and even their sub-par movies like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ or ‘Iron Man 2’ are always a good watch at the local cinema. But, because Guardians of the Galaxy is so ‘different’, I want it to be break-through hit. I want it to be so odd, yet at the same time, so delightfully terrific.

I am also purposefully going into this movie with no prior knowledge. I have been avoiding any movie articles on WordPress for the specific purpose of seeing this movie blind. I know the actors attached and the fact that Thanos will be incorporated somehow. However, in terms of plot or character, I am totally oblivious and I want to keep it that way. I want Guardians of the Galaxy to be the surprise success of the year and I am sure Marvel will not disappoint.


Let’s be honest, the prequel was so much better than we thought it would be. Finally we were getting a modern Planet of the Apes movie that we actually liked. I know the movie hinted at a sequel, but in all honesty, I expected there not to be one. Maybe it would be best to let our imaginations connect the prequel to the original, rather than actually going out and telling that story. But seeing as we are getting a sequel, telling us exactly how Caesar went from rogue ape to freedom fighter, we might as well begin to enjoy it.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Old Caesar light

I am hoping for bigger and better. While I enjoyed the slower approach to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I don’t think that would work a second time around. Therefore I want this movie to cut straight into the action. I think it would be good to focus more on the apes than the humans, as the first movie hinted it could actually pull off such a feat, deemed tricky a few years ago. This should be bigger and better and I think it will really impress everyone who goes to see it.


Come on, this has to be excellent, right? It is the finale to the trilogy that has been amazing us for two years now. It hasn’t always been spot-on, admittedly with a confused tone and a bloated storyline. However, when it comes to ending this amazing book, tying up every story thread and cliff-hanger, I totally believe that Peter Jackson will not disappoint. Desolation of Smaug was a definite improvement, channelling that Lord of the Rings tone that we wanted from the first Hobbit. It can only get better and I am hoping that ‘There and Back Again’ will be the finale we all want.

Potential pitfalls? Well, there isn’t too much book left, is there? I know that there is the Battle of the Five Armies left to go and Smaug still needs to get conquered, but that can’t take up a feature-length film, surely? On the other hand, I have given up trying to figure out Peter Jackson’s game plan and I am just going to leave him to it. He has added the resurrection of Sauron to the plot to the story, which I am sure will come into play in the concluding chapter. Also, I am hoping for returns of characters that could have done with more screen-time (Beorn, Thranduil, Radagast). I even have my fingers crossed that Jackson will squeeze in some more of the spiders… and maybe a bit more Gollum. If you are going to change some of the book’s content, please add some more Smeagol to the proceedings.


But my prediction of Film of the Year? Transcendence has got me very excited and wondering exactly how this movie will play out.


Johnny Depp has invented some sort of super computer that can do all of the thinking for the government. Of course, some people rebel against this and he ends up getting shot. The only way to save him is to plug him into the computer he created, bringing it to life, before it can be perfected. However, is he still the same guy? Or is he a computer with a malicious game plan? It sounds like the kind of role Johnny Depp will totally control and one he definitely deserves after a few flops of late.

I love the idea of the themes of this movie and it has a certain epic feel to it, almost like Interstellar at the other end of this list. It could basically be a Terminator movie, without the cheesy acting and mindless action. I have very high expectations of this movie and with 2014 full of blockbusters that could go one way or the other (Godzilla, Sin City 2), I am hoping this will end up being the sure-fire hit that saves 2014.