I am really getting into my mash-ups. Why? They are actually a hard breed of music to get right and you really do need a good ear for it. I could easily reel off another article of mash-ups that miss the mark. Some songs just do not blend and that is where a mash-up falls to pieces. However, the songs that do blend are often surprising and unpredictable. I have posted a link of the Justin Bieber meets Slipknot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kspPE9E1yGM) mash-up before on my site. Below are three more that I really want to share with you, because they are funny, clever, or sometimes, just amazing to listen to.


Let’s start here, because everyone knows this one. This is one mash-up that really took off, mainly because it is such a great tune. This was a little before we realized just how well Adele’s voice works when put against dubstep or a great club bassline. Some figured that out and threw in one of the dirtiest, heavy Skrillex beats out there and blended it will one of Adele’s deeper, more meaningful tracks. The end result was this phenomenal piece of music.

Out of all the mash-ups I have ever heard, this is the one I am often most excited to hear. Everything works so well. I genuinely thought this was an official song, because it just sounds so authentic. It is actually a crying shame that a chart-topping DJ didn’t stumble across this, before Ca7, because we will never get to hear this in a club, because it is an unofficial tune. Could you imagine this song dropping in a club? God, I am getting goosebumps.


I love Disturbed. And I loved Of Monsters and Men. But never in a million years, would I ever assume that the two groups should meet up to make their own song. But it turns out metal and folk music have been waiting for a long time to join. Here’s the proof:

Everything about this is so amusingly awesome. From the dark whisper just before the happy opening instrumental kicks in. Then we have this deep voice working so well with the same music that Of Monsters and Men softly sang to. Even the title of the mash-up is hilarious: Little Sickness. It is as if the lead singer had a falling out with his band and when he is trying to be deep and meaningful, the musicians behind him are like: “fuck you, we are going to play our trumpets gleefully behind you.”


This is so awesome that I don’t even want to describe it. Just listen and be amazed.


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