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8 American TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Agents Of Shield 2514

I thought I would list a few of the television shows that have just started or will start very soon. There are some exciting ones and I am sorry if I missed some, as there are so many to list. I will try and review them all, but as you will see, this is a lot of viewing to get through. At the very least, I will watch all the pilots and decide if the rest of the show is worth a watch.


This one came out of nowhere and I am surprised I only have heard of it now, but it sounds great. Karl Urban takes on yet another Sci-Fi universe, as a cop who has to work alongside a robot partner, despite being a technophobe. However this partner might be more than just a robot and Urban’s John Kennex has to learn to work with him for the greater cause. Release Date: November 4th


This one is an interesting premise. James Spader, who will be the villain in the second Avengers movie, plays a hardened criminal, who one days walks into the FBI headquarters and surrenders, out of the blue. He has a list of bad guys he wants to help catch, but he will only work with young female officer, Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boon). Expect a lot of twists and turns and maybe some ‘The Following’-esque races against time. Release Date: Now.


Fun fact: this show is fairly expensive and I heard that it gets its money from Hyundai paying the show to use their car. However, there are conditions in the contract. The car can never be shown to break down or look dirty, two things that are bound to happen in the zombie apocalypse. It should be amusing to watch the show and realise that the car is miraculously surviving everything thrown at it, without so much of a scratch. I am sure this will be the biggest hit out of every season on this list, because its fan base is already so huge. Sure, it has made mistakes in the past and even Season Three was a little ropey by the end, but it still has promise and if anything, it is the best zombie (or Walker!) fiction around. We all know the characters now and are connected to the show. I am excited to see what the writers have in store for us. Release Date: October 13th


I’m a little unsure about this one, but I will give it a chance. Andy Samberg, most famously known as the head rapper in ‘Lonely Island’, plays a cop, who has a childish sense of humour. He is good at his job, but has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way. Then the station gets a new captain, Andre Braugher, and Andy Samberg has to try and work his magic with his watchful eye always on him. So a typical cop comedy, but it could have some promising chuckles. Release Date: Now


This season sounds good, but I can’t see it going on any longer than one season. Less commitment, sounds good to me. A talented doctor has to perform life-threatening surgery on the President of the United States, but she and her family are kidnapped by a rogue cop the day before. This thriller has had a lot of money thrown into it and should be, at the very least, gripping. Or maybe its narrow premise will hold it back, especially as this show was made in Israel, but the pilot didn’t impress anyone. Can American money save this idea? Release Date: Now


Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in this quirky little comedy. They are father and daughter and both own an advertising company. However, Robin Williams is a little wacky and unpredictable, creating all sorts of insane situations. This show will pretty much be Robin Williams improvising several monologues, but if that’s your sort of thing, then this should be quite an enjoyable alternate season to get into. Release Date: Now


I’ve already checked out the first episode and it promises to be a fantastic, essential piece of viewing for this Autumn. These are Phil Coulson’s team of agents that protect the world from out-of-control superheroes and menacing villains. Packed with Joss Whedon’s razor-sharp wit and with twists so unpredictable, the first episode will have you reeling, I am looking forward to what Marvel TV has to offer us. Release Date: Now!


Arrow was an up and down season last year, but I was glad to see that it was beginning to learn from its mistakes. Therefore Season Two should be much better with side characters being upgraded to co-stars and the arrival of one of TV’s best actresses, Summer Glau. If anything Arrow should be supported, as its success could mean series of the Flash and even Commissioner Jim Gordon. Release Date: October 9th