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3 Actors People Hate For Little Reason

Gwyneth Paltrow In Iron Man 3 2013 Movie Character Poster 2

As a movie article writer, I often spend my free time scouring the internet to find out what other people are saying about movies. This means that every now and again I stumble across writers who criticise an actor, but assume that their reader is on the same page. It is a little like a while back, when I went on a Nicolas Cage rant. Sure, I hate the guy’s acting, but I felt that I gave my reasons in a concise manner, rather than just expecting you guys to have been secretly harbouring distaste for the Cage all along. I mean, some people must like him, otherwise he wouldn’t still be starring in big blockbusters.

However, today I thought I would look at some of the actors people have been hating on for little reason. I picked out three actors that have been getting the worst brunt of the internet’s anger recently and tried to find a good reason why. And there are some good arguments that these three people are a waste of space, but they do not deserve entire blogs set up about how ugly they are.


Kristen Dunst is a good example of an actress taking a role that is so popular with the fans that it has come back on her is a nasty way. We could argue that there are so many better female girlfriend figures in the Marvel and DC universe, but when it comes to the comics, Mary Jane Watson is the top spot contender. She is the girl next door that Peter Parker instantly falls in love with from the first time he set his eyes upon her. It is the perfect love story and at first glance, chick flick star, Dunst, seems to the best fit.

OK, most of the comments against her revolve around the fact that she is a pretty wooden actor. And while, I think she isn’t as bad as the internet thinks she is, I do agree that she isn’t going to be winning any Oscars anytime soon. But, she does have the look. When Spiderman first came out, Dunst was famous for being pretty, without falling into the Hollywood gorgeous stereotype. This is a good thing, because it made the character look more real; more like the girl we might have fallen in love with at high school, rather than some model in a school uniform, making the movie look more like a 90s music video than a superhero blockbuster.

Oh god! They’re right! She is so ugly! Make it stop. My eyes!

But then the comments began criticising Dunst for that. She isn’t pretty enough to be considered for the role. One commenter said: “you have to admit: bitch needs dental.” Others said that she seemed too bored and serious, despite being famous. Personally, I think she was just trying to come across as professional. Thank god, right now we have Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, an actress who is pretty much untouchable right now.


Gwyneth Paltrow is apparently the most hated celebrity in the world right now. Chris Brown came 20th. Something is not right with the world.

OK, first off, why does she deserve this much hate? Ironically, she was given this esteemed position in the same week she was voted ‘most beautiful woman’ and smashed the box office with a fantastic performance in Iron Man 3. However, at the same time, people cannot stand the woman. I can kind of see why. Just check out her lifestyle blog , where she gives advice on how to decorate a room with rugs, costing just under three grand. While most celebrities seem to hide the fact that they are loaded, Gwyneth Paltrow loves reminding everyone.

I think this has caused Paltrow to become symbolic of people born into wealth and not knowing life outside of it. The hate driven at her is more jealously than anything else, and not even towards her, but the industry. However, when commenting on the hate bandwagon against her, Paltrow stated “What? Am I supposed to pretend I am not rich?” That is a fair statement, but I will let you guys decide on how to take it. Personally, I think she is a great actress and that is all I really care about when it comes to the Gwyneth Paltrow debates.


People have been hating on Tom Cruise for a while now. The main reason is that he appears to be the same character in every film he stars in. No matter if he is in Oblivion, Top Gun or Mission Impossible, he is basically Tom Cruise in that movie universe. But is that a bad thing? For the actor, yes, but as an audience, when Tom Cruise comes up on the screen, we know what we are getting. His one character is hardly a bad one. He is a handsome, funny guy that is relatable, yet always does the right thing. He is both the character we are and the character we want to be. It is the dream mix for an action film hero. Sure, the guy has become a cheat code for writers and directors, but I enjoy his films, so I am hardly sick of him. And besides, I think the same about Will Smith (to an even worse degree, in fact), yet people can’t get enough of him.

I’ll glue your face to mine. That way you can never leave me!

Also, there’s the whole Scientology thing. OK, yes, they are weird, but people make out like Tom Cruise started the religion. No, he just believes in it and the Scientologists wear him like a poster boy, trying to drag more followers in. It’s like going to a London acting academy and seeing pictures of Daniel Craig everywhere. At first, you think he paid for the university, but in truth, he was just a student many years ago, before anyone knew him. You can hardly blame Cruise for being used as an image for something. As an actor, that is pretty much his job.

So in conclusion, think before you hate. That way you can direct your anger towards people that actually deserve it…