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5 Synonyms for ‘Girlfriend’ in Rap Songs

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Rap is a strange place. The word ‘talent’ becomes a lot more broad and woman-beating is celebrated (according to a quick research trip). Most of all though is the weird language that we get with rap songs. Girls seem to get several different terms used to describe them, so I thought they deserved their own article. I know; I am such a ladies man.

I have compiled a list of the strangest terms for one’s girlfriend. Note girlfriend, not girl. I searched slang names for girls, the C word was used and I was too scared to use the computer for a good while. So we are going with the word ‘girlfriend’. I have added definitions from the Urban Dictionary to help readers come to grips with these colloquialisms. After this quick read, you should be ready to go out there and start repping it for your homies. I think.

5 – BOO

As used by: Usher,

Urban Dictionary Definition: Boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is the term I remember from my childhood and first inspired this article. It doesn’t really make much sense to me at all. It’s not really a word is it? More of a sound. Like rap stars cannot quite be bothered to say the whole word (two syllables for crying out loud!), so they just make a noise with their mouth. And as seen in the video above, Alicia Keys was like: ‘Aww, babe.’

Example:“Can you handle me? If you can’t you ain’t gonna be my boo.”


As used by: J Yung, Big Moe

Urban Dictionary Definition: A girl who’s a perfect 10, aka really hot even without makeup.

Yes, rap stars have literally reduced women to money. In fairness, this is probably the best word in this article, as the intentions are clear, even if it is probably meant to refer to looks. Originally, it was apparently made to mean a girl who was the full package. Not just looks, but personality, ambition and intelligence. So basically, I am going to start calling my girlfriend a ‘Dimepiece’.

Example:“There aren’t too many dimepieces walking around tonight, dawg!”


As used by: Chris Brown

Urban Dictionary Definition: Word for a woman. Less respectable than lady but much more respectable than bitch.

This one makes me laugh. It suggests that women are on a grade scheme, when they are lucky enough to be dating a gangster. When they are loyal enough to not be called a bitch, then they get called a broad. Not quite a lady, but hey, it’s something right. Girls, this is one jealous blogger.

Example:“I’m calling you my broad, because I love you.”


As used by: Nelly, Lil Wayne,

Urban Dictionary Definition: Affectionate term for a girlfriend, attractive female or concubine.

The tear tattoos symbolise the fact his agent won’t let him put a shirt on.

Everyone knows this one, even though it makes no sense whatsoever. Shorty is meant to be a general pet name for your girlfriend, whether or not she is short or not. Lil Wayne seems to love calling girls shorty even if they are twice his size in the music video (in fairness, a six year old girl is twice his size).

Example:“Shorty is shaking her ass on my Hummer.”


As used by: Snoop Dogg.

Urban Dictionary Definition: Any word starting with a B. Usually bitch.

This one is a little confusing. Snoop Dogg created this one, by putting a B at the start of his catch-phrase ‘shizzle’, a word that also makes no sense. The problem is that after using it to call a girl he was fairly fond of bizzle, he proceeded to use the word to say goodbye to some and also mean business. Therefore, we are all a bit lost as to what it actually means. I doubt even Snoop Dogg knows.

Example:“Just gonna say bizzle to my Bizzle and then we can crack on with some bizzle.”