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3 Things We Know About Sin City 2

Sin City 2 has been announced. It shall finally hit the cinemas in October, bringing an end to the years of waiting fans of the original loved. Frank Miller had become something of a joke around film critics, as he promised this film summer after summer, yet rumours quietly faded into nothing. If it wasn’t for some preliminary photos of the next movie, I wouldn’t believe this news myself.

Personally I don’t even know why we have had to wait this long. If Frank Miller is taking sections straight out of the comics, like he did with the first, then surely writing the script would take just over a month. However, now the release date is looming closer, we can stop complaining and check out what we know about the next movie.


One thing hasn’t changed: the principal storyline will be the same. Although, there will be several narratives in the movie, the film will focus on, and get its title from, the comic storyline, A Dame To Kill For. It stars Dwight (Clive Owen’s character), as he tries to chase down Ava Lord, the girl who betrayed him and is rushing around Basin City, making short work of all of the men who did her wrong in the past.

Plans to turn Sin City into a 90s sitcom were sadly scratched.

The actress who was playing Ava Lord was meant to have Angelina Jolie, although she pulled out fairly early on, deciding to spend time with her family. Rachel Weisz was meant to fill in for her, but according to the photos shown, it looks like Eva Green has landed the role. As much as I would have loved to see Weisz with the role, I must admit Eva Green seems like the kind of actress, who would suit the noir feel of the comics well.

I know pretty much the layout of the story, but I will leave that a mystery for the readers. In the meantime, moving on…


Returning to the movie, thankfully, are the two actors who made the original so worth watching: Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis. Mickey Rourke’s depiction of Marv was one of the greatest things about the first movie and he nearly lost interest in the project. Frank Miller required Rourke to be on standby for the sequel, meaning that Rourke had to turn down several major roles, not an easy thing to do for an actor, who is still partway through making a comeback. Luckily, after taking on a few roles, Rourke was offered the role again and with clear filming dates that he could work with, he agreed to reprise the role.

As for Bruce Willis, it is hard to see where he will fit into the sequel. Sin City used up all of the source material for the character of Hartigan, although it was hard for Miller to resist using the character again. He symbolises everything Sin City stands for and Bruce was more than happy to play the part again. It has been suggested that he shall feature in a few flashback scenes (makes sense – the actor has been fairly busy this year with Die Hard 5, Red and GI Joe), for a storyline involving Jessica Alba’s character (who is also returning to the cast).


And yes, Joseph Gordon Levitt is in the sequel!


He is going to be the lead role in his very own storyline, which I don’t think is based on an actual comic script. He will play a gambler, who gets in trouble with his debts. Also, joining the cast is Ray Liotta, who has a small role as a typical bad egg lurking in Sin City and Jeremy Piven, who is replacing Michael Madsen, as Bob, the corrupt cop, who was old friends with Hartigan.

The big twist actor will be Josh Brolin, who is playing Dwight, Clive Owen’s old character. This isn’t due to Owen refusing to take the role; in the comics, the character is facially disfigured and has to go through surgery to change his identity. Miller decided to change the actor completely to represent this. We might even see Clive Owen for a cameo to hammer home the change in appearance. Hopefully, after watching the sequel, some of the throw-away dialogue from the first will suddenly make a lot more sense to fans not familiar with the comics.