Developers: Volition Inc.
Publishers: Deep Silver
Plot: The gang find the deleted scenes from their game and provide voiceover commentary, as they show us the fourth game that could have been.

First of all, I have to applaud the very idea of this DLC, as it is so fresh and original that for all of the flaws it has, this is a very good idea and deserves so much credit for that. This DLC opens with five new levels of the crew as we have never seen them before: actors that starred in Saints Row IV as themselves. As soon as we begin, the crew are there, on an interview couch, talking us through their deleted scenes. They also chime in, during the actual level, as if they are providing an audio commentary for the ‘movie’. It is a funny, fresh idea and it makes this DLC so worth getting.

The first mission shows us the Zin, as they were originally designed: an opening level. As soon as Zinyak is re-defeated, the simulation turns in on itself and gives birth to a Dominatrix (a play on words of the Matrix – ‘a single-entendre’, Kinzie calls it), made from stray code, who rules over the city. Soon evil gimps and sex-workers are popping up out of everywhere, taking on the gang and trying to make them submissive. Thus begins an excuse to dress the lead hero in a gimp suit and break his way into a sex club with a giant dildo bat. It’s wacky fun, just as we expected from Saints Row IV.


God, it is so funny. Every deleted scene joke in the book is thrown into the mix. We are introduced to an important character, Donnie, who is pissed that he didn’t make the final cut for the actual game. Vital scenes are shown to us in storyboard mode, so giant monsters made up of rough sketches loom over the gang. Plot points are skipped completely, because the actors forgot why they are meant to be at this part of the game. It is all very funny, accumulating into a fantastic parade with a new alien race (put it this way: you won’t predict the ending), mimicking Star Wars.

Sadly, the good points begin to drop sharply. For one, it eventually becomes very apparent that these are deleted scenes. Rather than much coherent storylines, it is essentially a bunch of scenarios that the original game tried to work in, but simply couldn’t. It gets all very messy and that can be a little alienating. Also, there is a sense that it is more of the same. Saints Row IV struggled with the repetitive nature, so it is a little disheartening that the DLC is pretty much more fighting, and running across the map to take out three separate generators. Sure, the jokes are fresh, but the situations aren’t. Your opinion of this game depends on how well you take the old, against the new. Personally I was quite happy to spend a little more time with these amusing characters and that made me forgive a lot of these glaring downsides. Yep, this is definitely a Saints Row DLC.

Final Verdict: It is a very flawed game. But it is also very funny, surprisingly post-modern and so honest with itself that it will quite likely win you over anyway.

Three Stars

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